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India Travel tips and Safety Information For Tourists - A Comprehensive List
India is a beautiful country and every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this united states. Here are a few essential journey and safety recommendations India (General) phone number list which must be considered by means of all people touring to India.

1. Medications: Always consult your medical doctor regarding immunizations that must be taken like Hepatitis A and Polio. Additional vaccinations that your doctor may additionally suggest are Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), Tetanus, Rabies and Hepatitis B. 
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Also deliver medications for malaria, diarrhea, anti-allergy, Typhoid and many others. Keep a replica of these prescriptions with you in case the local authorities just like the Customs query you. Things like maintaining an additional pair of glasses may be beneficial. Carrying trendy medicinal drugs for headache, nausea, sunscreen, few band-aids and mosquito repellent is likewise suggested. Although you get the whole thing in India however its just higher to have them beforehand.

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